About Everywhere School

Everywhere School is a gateway to live, educational video content created by people and institutions around the internet created during the Covid-19 Pandemic. We don’t produce any streams ourselves: we simply curate our favourites, presenting what's live and what's scheduled for the hours ahead. These are engaging, inspiring and entertaining options for your family, listed on one easy-to-understand page.

Everywhere School is a small passion project, done for fun. Please be respectful of our organizers and streamers. New events are added to Everywhere School's schedule once or twice a day.

Content Warning: though we do our best to include content that’s appropriate for kids, it’s possible that challenging or offensive content may be included by accident. Everywhere School will do its best to vet the streams it recommends, but we do not control the content that is shown.

Why Live?

Live streams, that come on at a predictable time, create a set schedule, which is often sorely needed for kids and parents not used to being at home. The presence of a real teacher, without editing, music, or graphics, giving a lesson in real time, helps create a more personal connection, which is what we need right now.


Email us for any reason at hello@everywhereschool.live

Follow us on twitter at @everywhereschl.

Free Software License

The code for this project is available under a GPL 3.0 license. We would be super happy if you want to share or build on what we’ve done, or even use our work for non-commercial purposes.